Assuring the Value of Your Personal Property Portfolio

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Appraisal Services:

  • Estate Appraisals
  • Antique Appraisals
  • Art Appraisals
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Personal Property Appraisals
  • Wine Appraisals
  • Collectibles
  • Book Appraisals
  • Deconstruction Appraisals

What is a Professional Opinion of Value?

There might be the occasion when you want to know the value of assets a deceased parent or relative has left behind...a house full of furniture, artwork, sterling silver, porcelain china or a variety of collectibles. What should be set aside for a garage sale and what should be sold in accordance to its higher value?

This is where a Professional Opinion of Value (POV) report comes handy. The report will  clearly identify and document your items, assigning them a fair market value range. We will also consult with you to determine the best venue for selling the items. The best news about a POV is that it's a very economical alternative to a formal appraisal.

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