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Estate, Art, and Antique Appraisals With Integrity

We at ESC Appraisals are committed to provide all our clients with excellence in estate, art, deconstruction, furniture and antique appraisals, as well as valuation and consultation services; tailored to their specific needs and performed with the highest level of professionalism, integrity, ethics and discretion. 

Estate Appraising

If you are considering selling property or buying new pieces, you'll need appraisals to ensure that you are asking or paying the right price. Who wants to over pay?

An accurate appraisal will enable you to make good decisions regarding your legacy. After the appraisal, you can start planning your estate to benefit your heirs or your favorite charity. Our experienced team will provide you with documents that will be accurate, incredibly detailed, and admissible in probate and other courts. You may use our reports to set insurance levels, make your will or liquidate your belongings to make other investments. Plus just as important, it will reduce the probability of getting into problems with the IRS, which will make life easier for your heirs.

Antique Appraisals

The problem with antiques is knowing what they are worth. How much would you have to pay to replace the 19th-century fainting sofa gracing your parlor? Countless aspects affect its value, so it would be nearly impossible for you or even an insurance company adjuster to determine its value.

Our appraisal will give you with important information concerning any unique features it has, when it was made, how rare it is, and its condition. You will receive a detailed report stating the market value, so you may obtain the appropriate level of insurance and make informed estate planning decisions.

Art Appraisals

In addition to looking at the condition of the artwork, we'll inform you about the artist and document if the artwork is part of a modern numbered series. On older art work we'll document identifying marks.

Once you know the approximate fair market value of your artwork, you'll be able to insure it for it's proper value or add it to your total estate valuation. If you are selling a piece, a new value estimate will help you get top dollar. If buying a piece, we can advise you on its fair market price so you don't end up over paying.

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